My Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga failed to boot after firmware upgrade.

Jul 27 2014

After i made a firmware update of my quite new Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga (20CD0001G) from version 1.14 to 1.17 the operating system did not boot at all. 🙁

What has happend was that the firmware update software had obviously wiped the boot entry for the installed operating system from the EFI Boot Manager.

I discovered that after booting the Debian based Linux Live system Grml from an usb stick and checked the boot entries with efibootmgr.

The recovery of the missing boot entry can be achieved in several ways.

Afterwards i discovered that in can be done rely smart and simple with efibootmgr:


But not for me. What i made in Grml while going beserk to fix this issue was mounting my whole stuff ( / at /mnt , /boot at /mnt/boot, the EFI  System partition under /mnt/boot/efi)  then doing a chroot to /mnt and installing GRUB. Don’t do this, the efibootmgr line above should made it. 😉


Lesson learned. My machine is booting again and i got more confident with EFI. 🙂















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