Lemon flavour

May 08 2013

P1000406_edited_800pxMy wife left for her academic job in the morning. Lemon flavour. I cleaned up the bathroom. Elmo gots  dressed up, than i cleared up the big mess in the kitchen. Now Elmo is taking his midmorning nap attached to me, while i am attached to the screen for some in-between-hacking as a short mental rest. Preparing some stuff for the  volunteer IT-support i do in the afternoon for some local social work project. Before i make his lunch we have an appointment at the child doctor. Time to go now. Back home i will chop up some carrots. Simmer them together with Quinoa a.k.a Inca power seeds and blend it for Elmo with some olive oil. Than i feed him.  Afterwards i am heading to my volunteer task, together with Elmo. Parental leave is such a quality time. Thank you.

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