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Upgrade to Owncloud 5.0.0: webinterface looks garbled – how to fix

Apr 03 2013 Published by under IT

Detractors might argue: Upgrade paths for software that is provided in two editions like business/enterprise and community are often misleading for the free and open version. That seems to be part of the business model – or is the business model. ūüėČ

After I had upgraded to Owncloud¬† 5.0.0¬† the webinterface looked weird and¬† garbled. Looks like there is no CSS-Template at all is loaded?!¬† If you dig deeper errors¬† are thrown by the webbrowser like: “remote_core.js not found”.


As it turned out there where some new configuration values missing in the  database  introduced  with version 5.0.0. These values should be created by the update/setup script run ( owncloud/lib/setup.php )- but the are not in my case.

So i created them with the following SQL-statements on the MySQL shell:

Restart, refresh, reload. Now Owncloud looks like it should. ūüôā


PS: Should i file a bug report?


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