My Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga failed to boot after firmware upgrade.

Jul 27 2014

After i made a firmware update of my quite new Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga (20CD0001G) from version 1.14 to 1.17 the operating system did not boot at all. 🙁

What has happend was that the firmware update software had obviously wiped the boot entry for the installed operating system from the EFI Boot Manager.

I discovered that after booting the Debian based Linux Live system Grml from an usb stick and checked the boot entries with efibootmgr.

The recovery of the missing boot entry can be achieved in several ways.

Afterwards i discovered that in can be done rely smart and simple with efibootmgr:


But not for me. What i made in Grml while going beserk to fix this issue was mounting my whole stuff ( / at /mnt , /boot at /mnt/boot, the EFI  System partition under /mnt/boot/efi)  then doing a chroot to /mnt and installing GRUB. Don’t do this, the efibootmgr line above should made it. 😉


Lesson learned. My machine is booting again and i got more confident with EFI. 🙂















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First steps into

May 30 2013


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Eaten up.

May 29 2013

P1000432_editedEasiness, friends, party, people and stars and sunsets you met and all that jazz. You share, you show, you like, while your perception is chopping up your well-being with silent envy because your life seems to be boring. I chopped up what i found. Carrots, potatoes and a half block of tofu while a thunderstorm passes by impatiently. Elmo went slightly impatient. But we need to wait until we are around forty degrees, and we do, cool down. He nearly falls asleep as the temperature hits the fifties, oh no. All went well as you see. Boring, trivial, everyday business. But happy and content. We all should be.

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Turn and Twist

May 13 2013

1 year and 10 days: Elmo learned how to turn and twist the knobs  on the control board of  the universe.
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Lemon flavour

May 08 2013

P1000406_edited_800pxMy wife left for her academic job in the morning. Lemon flavour. I cleaned up the bathroom. Elmo gots  dressed up, than i cleared up the big mess in the kitchen. Now Elmo is taking his midmorning nap attached to me, while i am attached to the screen for some in-between-hacking as a short mental rest. Preparing some stuff for the  volunteer IT-support i do in the afternoon for some local social work project. Before i make his lunch we have an appointment at the child doctor. Time to go now. Back home i will chop up some carrots. Simmer them together with Quinoa a.k.a Inca power seeds and blend it for Elmo with some olive oil. Than i feed him.  Afterwards i am heading to my volunteer task, together with Elmo. Parental leave is such a quality time. Thank you.

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Upgrade to Owncloud 5.0.0: webinterface looks garbled – how to fix

Apr 03 2013

Detractors might argue: Upgrade paths for software that is provided in two editions like business/enterprise and community are often misleading for the free and open version. That seems to be part of the business model – or is the business model. 😉

After I had upgraded to Owncloud  5.0.0  the webinterface looked weird and  garbled. Looks like there is no CSS-Template at all is loaded?!  If you dig deeper errors  are thrown by the webbrowser like: “remote_core.js not found”.


As it turned out there where some new configuration values missing in the  database  introduced  with version 5.0.0. These values should be created by the update/setup script run ( owncloud/lib/setup.php )- but the are not in my case.

So i created them with the following SQL-statements on the MySQL shell:

Restart, refresh, reload. Now Owncloud looks like it should. 🙂


PS: Should i file a bug report?


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Baby Sling

Aug 10 2012

That’s how we do and you should too – if you grow a baby. Whenever possible i put Elmo in the baby sling. The positive effects are overwhelming.

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Elmo at Nightshift

Jun 07 2012


 Elmo and Dad at Nightshift

Daddy is doing some nightshift work. Elmo was kind of restless after his hernia surgery. Mama needs a rest seriously. The baby sling was the solution.


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Elmo at home

May 07 2012

Cosiness all over.


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Hello world!

Feb 07 2010

Sadly – This blog is sadly idling. Sorry.

I have some things in the pipeline i want to share with the world, so stay tuned and be patient. 😉

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